What is a Glue Allergy?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Vary rarely are clients allergic to Eyelash Extension adhesives.
About 1 on 100 people are not suited to eyelash extensions.

Glue allergy symptom normally present themselves within the FIRST 48HOURS.

A glue allergy will usually have the following symptoms:
-Swollen and red eyelids
-watery eyes
- Blood shot and red eyes
- Painful burning sensation
- Scabbing under the eyebrow area (rare)

I will explain the allergy symptoms during your consultation.

YOU MUST CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY if your lashes are causing you any problem or discomfort. I will provide you my after-hour contact number, should an allergy occur.

As an Eyelash Stylist, it is my care of duty to De-bond/remove your eyelash extension immediately within the FIRST 48 HOURS, free of charge should an allergy occur.

It is important to understand that any self-removal method of your eyelash extensions (by another lash stylist or Doctor). may result in excessive lash breakage and temporary damage. 

If you need to seek medical attention after I have removed your eyelash extension, you must do so and at your own expense.

If you have an allergy to eyelash extension adhesives you will always react the same way, regardless of which adhesive is used.

Usually clients that are allergic to Acrylic Nails will also be allergic to Eyelash Extensions adhesives.

If you have never had eyelash extensions before, never have a full-set 24 hours before a special event. It is ideal that you have your first full-set applied 3-4 weeks prior and a Lash Refill just before the special occasion


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